Asa (AY-suh) Featherstone, IV is a photo-basedartist, editor, and curator based in Cincinnati, OH whose work highlights theshared experiences that make us human. He prioritizes the beauty and nuance ofdaily Black life through narrative, exploring themes of place, rest, joy, and strifein a tone that gives voice to communities of color. His approach to photography is influenced by hishomeschool upbringing, where he spent much of his formative years observingcommunities and asking questions about the behaviors of the people around him.

Asa’s visual style is shapedby memories of his grandfather’s watercolor paintings growing up: using natural light, soft color, and space tocapture honest moments in a way that feels familiar even to those who view it forthe first time.

Asa is open to travel on regional, national,and international assignments.


TIME, The Wall Street Journal, AARP, Google, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Bloomberg Businessweek, Fotofocus, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, American Airlines + more.


Email — // Instagram — @asathefourth

Image by Andrea Sabugo


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